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Damien Miller has been active in the yoga community 15 years starting in San Diego, and moving to San Francisco bay area

His history and dance, martial arts, strength training, personal training, and soon will be a certified yoga instructor under Stephanie Snyder.

Sapient Studios will provide a whole new generation of yoga. He will dive into it's roots through storytelling and music, and explore what it may become using and visual media.


Classes currently being developed:

• Bhakti Flow - Finding your love and gratitude within all things everywhere.

• Yoga Breakdancing - Dynamically Merging Music, Dance, and Yoga 

• Yoga Alignment and Practice Progression - Through Photo and Video Workshops

• Partner Classes - To include healing arts, massage, and energy work


If you are interested in more information  about upcoming classes, or instructors, or if you want to be one of our instructors

please contact us at yoga@sapientstudios.com